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We love coffee! What’s more important, we know coffee! When we couldn’t find a great coffee-loving community on the Web that also provides top-notch info on our favorite drink, we decided to set one up ourselves! If you believe the following…

  • Coffee is what it’s about (whatever “it” happens to be for you)
  • The more you know about something, the more you enjoy it
  • Listening to real experts is a great way to learn

… then guess what – you’re in the right place!


Here’s what provides you with – a great place to learn more about coffee from people who live, drink, and breath coffee – baristas; great tips and tricks for finding the best coffee and brewing the perfect cup; an online place to meet like-minded guys and gals for a serious conversation about coffee, or just shoot the breeze while sipping your cup of joe.

Some people treat coffee like it’s a caffeine-delivery vehicle, and expect you to be the same. Crazy! You have to really savor its aroma, its flavor, its richness. If you’re happy to chug-a-lug any old coffee, smothered in a cup and a half of creamer and twelve spoons of sweetener to overcome its bitter, burned flavor, you’re in the wrong place (and probably drinking some truly horrible brews, but that’s another story). However, if you’re like us, keep reading, and come back for more…

‘cause this is your cup of coffee!

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As we said above, when we couldn’t find a great place for all things coffee, we decided to get together and create it for ourselves, along with anyone serious enough about java to join us. We know how to brew an awesome espresso (though we’ve been known to create some luscious lattes, cappuccinos, and a macchiato or two on occasion…). We figured that if we didn’t know something about coffee, we could find it out for you, and if we couldn’t find out, it probably isn’t worth knowing.

At, we share with you our favorite coffees, ones you can buy without paying the jaw-dropping prices of Kona or Jamaican Blue Mountain. We share with you coffee shops we know treat their beans properly, getting the most out of them… and most importantly, what equipment you should skip, what you should buy, and how to get the most out of it at home…

‘cause this is your cup of coffee!

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The bottom line is that we love coffee. We know what coffee is worth drinking. We know where to get it. We know how to brew it. We don’t sell coffee through (though we are thinking about it…), but we’d love to help you enjoy the best coffee you can get! So, if you have a coffee question, send it over, sign up for our free newsletter, and we’ll make sure to include an answer in our next issue. – Drink Coffee Like you Mean It!

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